Bishnoi Village Safari

India is a country of great diversity. It is the one of the rare places to visit in the world where one can discover diversity in terms of weather; Religions, Language, customs and costumes. Here you can enjoy the sight of Snow, Gaint Himalaya, Rain Forests, Long and Beautiful Sea Costs and world’s second largest desert THE GREAT THAR.

Rajasthan the biggest state of INDIAN Republic is the place where you can find great THAR DESERT. Rajasthan is famous for its great History, Kings, Forts, people and cuisines. Millions of Tourists from India and Over seas visit Rajasthan every year to take a glimpse of cities likeJodhpur, Jaisalmer, Barmer, Bikaner, Jaipur, Ajmer, Udaipur and Mount Abu. People of Rajasthan are famous for there colorful Festivals, Fasts, Ceremonies and for an art of living happy in scarcity of resources. Here people are strong believer of there religion, culture for celebrating there daily life as a festival. 


The Bishnoi’s are a eco Friendly sect of Hindu religion, it is one of the different community of Rajasthan who are famous for there rich culturalRajasthani Life and there true love for nature and animals. Bishnoi Village Safari is the organization started by Rajas and Maharaja's of Jodhpur to show that Indian and foreign guest a glaimpse of rich cultural life around their state of Marwar, A True Rajasthan. We organize full day and half day safaris at very reasonable cost and in some ways give our sincere efforts to help the poor and needy local people in this water scarce region.



We will pick you from your hotel or place of your choice from Jodhpur city or from our Homestay . We will briefly describe the plan of safari and time table of whole day.


2.Shepherds Village

where you can visit to families of shepherds people. See how shepherds live in traditional way and only working with animals like goat, ship, Camel .


3.Gudha village

Where you can spot wild life & visit to Bishnoi families.

Here you can watch wild animals in there natural habitats, many species of desert animals are found there some of them our Antelopes, Gazelle, Dumessille Crane, Rabbits, Blue Bulls, Migrated Birds, Peacocks etc



Block printers village. Where you will see how people do print by hand on fabrics.

5.Salawas (Weavers village)

Salawas, a land magic carpets; a land where fantasy and reality joins forces to keep alive one of its most famous traditions: the durry (Rugs). The durry (Rugs), weather weaved out of cotton or wool, spreads colorful tradition and heritage from its primitive form of weaving in the villages of Rajasthan. Make your home a cozier place by adding to it the magical glamour of India, with the colorful folklore of the durry (Rugs).

6.Potter’s Village

Famous for pottery, tourists can see people doing pottery, if you want you can also try pottery, We will completely demonstrate the way people here do pottery and will also help you in doing same.

End of Safari

Back to hotel in Jodhpur .

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